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Presentation Training Resources in Chicago

A guide for folks in the Windy City who are looking for face-to-face presentation and public speak practice or inspiration.

Blended learning

Presentation training is very commonly done face-to-face. Why is that?

One reason, is that we associate presentations with public speaking. But, of course, there is more to a great presentation than its delivery. Especially if it is being presented around a board table.

That's why I am such a proponent of blended learning - combining face-to-face public speaking practice with online, go-at-your own pace, video learning. Blended learning allows you to focus on the delivery AND the creation of a killer sit-down-style business presentation.

This is doubly true during a pandemic!

Our proven system focuses on:

  •   Structure: Quickly organize your thinking & structure your story
  •   Story: Write a presentation that crackles with the pace of a good novel
  •   Substance: Translate data graphically so your audience can understand its meaning
  •   Style: Design a presentation that sizzles with style
  •   Self-Confidence: Conquer the fear of presenting

Below I have listed some local Chicago presentation resources. Do have a look at the Free Trial of our course to complement your public speaking practice.

FREE  Course Trial

Start improving your presentations skills immediately with our free trial of the Decks for Decision Makers course.

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