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Guide · 20 min read

Advanced Guide to McKinsey-style Business Presentations

The ultimate guide to writing clear, concise, and convicing busines presentations. Our 10,000 word manifesto.

Guide · 10 min read

Pitch Decks & Funding Proposals

Consensus view from the world's leading venture capitalists on what you need in your funding pitch.

Case Study · 20 min read

Presentation Teardown: BCG Presentation Review

A ‘teardown' of a presentation from Boston Consulting Group, exploring what it does well and making some suggestions on areas where there may be room for improvement.

Guide · 5 min read

Public Speaking Anxiety: 8 Steps for Controlling the Fear of Speaking in Public

A guide to practical steps you can take to manage the stress of public speaking.

Guide / Infographic · 10 min read

The Most Devastatingly Effecting Business Charts

Guide and infographic on the mest effective charts in business and how to use them.

Tips · 5 min read

Presentation Tips: Mistakes that will get you Fired

Ten presentation mistakes that, if they don’t get you fired, will hurt your career or, at the very least, make you look like an idiot.

Testimonial · 5 min view

Seneca Community College partnership with SlideHeroes

Seneca College is Canada's largest community college. Hear students & instructors describe how SlideHeroes is helping students deliver presentations with structure, story, substance, style & self-confidence.

Guide · 5 min read

Powerful Tools to Improve your Presentation

Recommended tools that assist in making the process of creating a presentation easier & more efficient.

Blog Post · 5 min read

In Defense of PowerPoint

PowerPoint gets a bad rap. Is it really to source of all evil?

Blog Post · 5 min view

The Art & Craft of Presentation Design

Sit-down presentations are different. Welcome to SlideHeroes.